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Financial Domination Webcams

Chat online with a financial dominatrix. Live findom mistresses seeks money slaves & paypigs for private tribute sessions. Meet cruel, dominant women online who will use you like a human ATM and drain you dry. You don’t need the pressure of all your money – these professional money dommes will make you hand over your credit card, deposit your paycheck in their account, and give you an allowance from your own money. Financial dominatrixes are online 24/7 & 365 looking for financial slaves for online findom.

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Greedy Financial Domination Cams

Live money dommes who’ll make you pay and pay. You should probably make bank to sign on to be a financial slave for these greedy findommes. I picked them special because of their ability to turn money into absolute sex and make you pay up and pay hearty. They expect extravagant tributes in the form of cash, gift cards, credit cards you buy for them, and as far as total access to your finances. They’re online for greedy findom webcam sessions, and they’re coming to pillage your bank account, and charge up your credit card like Christmas.


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Greedy Findom Mistress Amanda bounced around the femdom world before she finally decided on becoming a full-time financial dominatrix. She accepts tributes online in private financial domination webcam sessions. She has a stable stable of paypigs serving her. Mostly well-off professionals with high-paying jobs – a Pharmaceutical rep, the Sales Manager at a dealership. One’s a Psychiatrist of all things.

Her top paypig she calls Alvin. “Alvin owns a construction company. It’s stressful, but the payoff is huge – he brings in over a million a year. He builds big buildings – he built the condo complex I live in, so obviously I got a deal on that. All the stress that comes with that is huge. Everything has to go just right, he says. And nothing always goes right. He’s responsible for everything, and everyone reports to him, and with me he can let it all go, and be completely carefree.”

“Alvin likes to bottom from the top, which I allow him just a little bit. But I have to keep him in line, and sometimes when he tries pushing over the line, I push him back behind it. Which is normally a times and a half tribute. He gives me money, straight cash. He’s basically a blue-collar guy who built the company from the ground-up, and wouldn’t know what to buy me anyway, so I demand cash from him, and a lot. Not enough that he probably even notices. He probably bills it as a business expense anyway,” she says with a laugh.

Amanda lives the rich life – 300K condo downtown, Tesla Model X, Dolce & Gabbana & Jimmy Choo, and out every night showing off what she’s got, which is a lot. She’s got the looks – stunning blonde with the body of a goddess – but more importantly, she’s got the brains that make for a fantastic money mistress.

Findom Goddess Financial Domination Cams

Findom goddesses demand tributes for being beautiful. Real pay princesses who exult in cockteasing online for findom cam sessions that’ll make you wallet ache. Call it cuckold findom, because they don’t fuck you; they fuck with you. They’ll make you worship them, with cash and expensive gifts. These three are my favorites. Ravishing beauties and greedy money dommes mixed into one pretty package.

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Pretty money mistress Megan self-describes as a financial domination goddess. She enjoys the play of findom (almost) as much as the pay. “I know that I’m beautiful, I’ve heard that all my life. But it’s something else to get paid for being beautiful, and not in the sense that a fashion model gets paid for it. I get paid for existing as a beautiful person; I don’t even have to show up.”

Megan does findom webcam sessions and expects her paypigs to tribute her bi-weekly at minimum. “I’ve got bills like everyone else, and they come regular. If you’re gonna be my money slave, the tributes need to be consistent and regular. Otherwise I’ll drop you and get someone else. I don’t care as much if it’s enough to pay my cell bill or my rent, just as long as it’s regular. Some of my money slaves, I know this sounds bad, but they tribute me so little, like twenty dollars, that I consider it almost charity when you compare it to how much some men tribute me. And I’ve got plenty of men paying.”

“One of my favorite financial slaves is Dick – I call him Little Dick. His actual name is Dick, and his dick, well, it’s little. I make him pay me to mock his cock. Like, there’s little Dicks little dick. And it’s not a horribly small dick, mayyybe 5 inches on a good day, but he gets off on it. Dick likes to reward me when I make him suffer. I do it on webcam with him in cam to cam. He likes me to watch him jerk off while I insult him and laugh at his little dick. Call him a fucking loser, a fag, inadequate – basically anything I can think of. I’ll actually save up daily irritations, and say all the things I can’t say in normal life to him. It’s small penis humiliation for him, but it’s financial domination for me.”

Busty Financial Domination Cams

Big tits mistresses are online for findom webcam sessions that’ll leave your wallet reeling. Here’s a couple or three real hotties for live financial domination, all carrying DD tits and above. And brother, do they know how to use them to manipulate you into paying up. They’ll do live ignore fetish and walk around all day with you on the other end of the cell, and not say a word. Arrogant, ballsy, and domineering as hell. You’re gonna love worshiping these big tits dominatrixes in live busty financial fetish webcam sessions.

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Busty financial dominatrix Ms Brigitte does exclusively financial domination on cam, and only on cam. She’s a classically pretty 25 year old findomme. Blonde with DD cups and a crooked smile. I tell her that she looks like Brigitte Bardot, and she says that’s where her cam name comes from. She’s a natural dominatrix, smart, a little manipulative but mostly straightforward. She usually gets what she wants, she says, and has no problem admitting that her looks have a lot to do with it.

“Men are easy as fuck. It sort of pisses me off, and I like to abuse them because of it. There – I’ll admit it,” she says with a grin. “I have limits, though. All of my normal relationships, I’m definitely the boss, but I don’t take money from my current boyfriend, and never did with any ex. Outside of dinner out, presents on my birthday and holidays – never. I’m independent as fuck. It’s completely different doing findom on cam. For me, since I’m a dominant, the ins and outs of femdom findom came easy. You want access to me – you pay. It’s that simple. And by access, I mean that’s completely up to me, the extent. Once the financial dominatrix / financial slave relationship is established, I’ll insist that the dynamic flows the same. I mean, I won’t start acting slutting and dressing up for you once we’ve bonded me as your findom mistress. I’m at the point that, I used to do other things, mostly femdom but some vanilla, but now I’m strictly a financial dominatrix, and I do findom webcam sessions only, because that’s what’s most rewarding to me, financially, and mentally.”

“Some women do findom chat by being a pay princess. Which is, in other words, teasing, flirting, dressing sexy for what I’d call a sugar daddy at that point. That’s not real financial domination to me. I’m a findomme, and I’ll give you jack back for your money if that’s what I feel like. Mostly I’m pretty sweet about it, but sometimes I get riled up. I’ll make a man pay me, then make him dress in panties and wear them to work if he pisses me off. Make him wear a cock lock; make him jerk off in his car in a parking lot, or whatever mean thing I can think of.”

“It can be a sexual thing, or it can be completely transactional, like ringing a register. It totally depends on how me and the pay pig sync. A couple of them I’ve found handsome, but I like, like, a mans man, and findom is emasculating by nature. And it’s far easier doing financial domination online than in person, from a personal perspective, so I rarely meet men off line anymore. Mostly I don’t feel a thing for them, like literally having a job that pays you, and then end of the day, you go home.”

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